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“I think Shaban is exceptional at what he does, and he just got us a great deal on a wonderful house. At every step in the process he was guiding us wisely, encouraging us to think of every angle, smoothing the way for the next step, advocating on our behalf and holding the vision for our family living in this house (even when we couldn’t!). He made a very stressful and complicated transaction go as smoothly as possible. I cannot imagine that there is a better Realtor out there, and I cannot imagine working with anyone else.”

-Ruth Katz and Michael Rapaport

“We received 6 offers today and your terms were identical to another offer.  I’m advising my client to accept your offer because I am confident that you will make sure the transaction closes smoothly.”

-Listing Agent at Zephyr Real Estate

“Shaban, we can’t tell you how much we appreciate your help. Your advice was fantastic, your patience was commendable. I honestly don’t think we could have gotten to such a great outcome with anybody else. Thank you sir!”

-Holly Warren and Jake Knapp

“Shaban sold our Cole Valley condo in a very successful transaction.  He ran an efficient process, recommended good vendors, and most importantly, gave very good pricing advice.  He is skilled and experienced.  We would definitely work with him again.”

-Eric Deeds and Joma Jones

“It was a pleasure working with you. I have dealt with many realtors / brokers over my many years in the business. You are among the best I have worked with…. I hope we can do some more deals very soon.”

-Barry Scherman

“I have both bought and sold properties with Shaban and have found him to at all times act in the best interest of my family and I.  In addition, he has lawyering skills that are very helpful in the evaluation and completion of real estate transactions.  I give him my highest recommendation as he goes above and beyond for those he represents.”

-Anthony Canini and Isa Howard

“Shaban was very helpful in shepherding the sale of our house (in a very difficult market) from inception to completion. His advice, counsel and follow-through were instrumental in helping us achieve a closing price that significally exceeded our most optimistic expectations. It was a fee that was well earned.”

-Tom and Ruth Tjerandsen

“Intelligent. Capable. Agile. These three words immediately came to mind when describing our experience with Shaban. His ability to quickly grasp the essence of what we were looking for in a home allowed us to target specific and relevant open houses. Shaban’s knowledge and experience in SF real estate kept us informed of trends and competition in the marketplace. He is extremely capable in presenting the unvarnished truth in an appropriate and helpful manner which is exactly what we needed during our offer and contract process. And as needed, he can shift gears comfortably, deal with change and create calm when things were up in the air.

Buying a home can be stressful…the constant balance of envisioning hopes and dreams with the complexity of contract negotiation. Shaban found us a house that inspires dreams and he skillfully guided us and hammered out a winning agreement!  He is cool under pressure and absolutely can be counted on to hold things together during tough negotiations and intense loan processes.

Without a doubt, we would work with Shaban again!”

-Sui Lin Cheong and Dave Moser

“Shaban did a wonderful job selling my house in Noe Valley.  He was incredibly responsive to my desired timing for putting the house on the market, and, when I said “go,” everything happened as quickly and as efficiently as I could imagine it happening. Among other things, my house needed a few adjustments and some paint touch-ups here and there, and Shaban took care of it all (e.g., arranging for contractors and being present during the work), constantly updating me so that I always felt completely informed. He expertly guided me through the process of receiving offers and, ultimately, accepting one of them, as well the process of bringing the deal to closing. In short, he was three steps ahead of me the whole way, and I cannot recommend him more highly.”

-Anita Krug

“Thanks for all you’ve done for the school over the years. I won’t soon forget the afternoon you walked into my office and said ‘We got it,’ referring to our accepted offer on Maple Street. That changed the school’s history. Thank you.”

-Scott Duyan, Former Head of Presidio Hill School

“Shaban guided me through the labyrinth of purchasing my first home. In addition to bringing a wealth of knowledge to the process, he gave direct, honest opinions and acted with efficiency.”

-Daniel Pepper

“Shaban was great. We found a home in less than 2 months. He did a nice job of steering us away from some other homes we were considering and we ended up with a much better value purchase. He had answers to all of our questions, gave us great advice on whether or not he thought each property was right for us, eventually leading us to a great deal. He’s incredibly professional but at the same time really easy to work with. No question he’s our guy if (when) we decide to move. We recommend him highly.”

-Shana Lypka and Bill Eidenmuller

“My husband and I had an amazing experience working with Shaban on our home purchase. He was very patient with us and took the time to understand our needs and wants. We looked at many houses. Once we found the one we fell in love with Shaban made it happen. Since he is a multi home owner, building manager and attorney he was able to give us advice  from a personal and professional point of view.”

-Christine and Tim Muzzin

“A consummate professional, Shaban is an excellent real estate broker who both helps identify value in properties and who also aggressively advocates on his clients’ behalf.”

-Matt Metzger and Neeta Jain

“Shaban helped my wife and I purchase our first home and we couldn’t have been happier with the service and professionalism that we received from him.  He was diligent, did his homework on each property we saw (and we saw a lot of properties), and worked hard to engage the seller’s agent during the bidding process.  We toured many houses together and he made sure to point out some issues with certain houses that we hadn’t thought of and that ultimately became important to us.

He was careful in making sure we didn’t bid too much for a particular property, and at the same time ensuring that any bid we did make was a competitive one.

We couldn’t recommend his services more.”

-Jeff Tachiki and Andi Wakayama

“I have both bought and sold a house with Shaban, so I have seen him work all sides of the transaction. He is definitely the best real estate agent I have ever worked with. I tend to consider the commissions on real estate transactions over priced for the service provided from most realtors, but with Shaban he is definitely worth it.

He has a background in real estate and corporate law and has invested in multi-family buildings in SF, so he knows all the important details about tenant rights, TICs and condo conversions.  This helped me out alot. He is great.

When I sold my apartment he gave first class service and helped with all aspects of getting the place ready to sell such as scheduling painters and ran a very good sales process during a difficult market. Whenever anything came up, he was helpful and thought of solutions.

He is very personable, but at the same time a skilled real estate professional.”

-Erik and Nicole Renander

“Not only did I decide to buy my first place on my own, but I decided I wanted to stay in San Francisco. Initially my decision seemed both daunting and over whelming – if not down right impossible. Shaban did not doubt my decision however, but was supportive and helped me to explore the options I had to make it possible. He honestly answered the many questions I had, as well as even pointed out the questions I needed to ask and hooked me up with the people who could best answer them. When the smoke cleared, Shaban’s genuine and hands-on approach had enabled me to close a month after first seeing the place!  Looking back and hearing other’s much more stressful experiences, I can’t believe how smoothly, quickly and easily it all went. I love my new place!”

-Linda Klann

“Shaban placed my fiancee and me in our first home!  We searched high and low in San Francisco trying to find a home we could afford comfortably. Shaban was realistic with us and always gave us honest advice on how much we would need to offer to be the winning bid. He was also very understanding when we withdrew bids because we felt outside of our comfort zone. In the end, we found a home we loved in San Mateo, and Shaban was there to make the closing smooth and as stress free as possible.

Shaban is a true professional.  He is an attorney, a real estate broker, and manages a property which gives him specialized knowledge and great negotiating skills. I give him my highest recommendation to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in the San Francisco Bay Area!”

-Fiona and Damian Kelley

“Shaban is an expert at what he does.  He was able to make this complex process almost simple.  He was helpful throughout and always available.”

-Michael McCann and Toan Tieu

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